OnDMARC has its own API that can used to integrate OnDMARC with your existing security dashboards and workflows. Below we will cover a number of scenarios related to API keys and their permissions.

Scenario 1. Creating API keys when permissions are not enabled (the default)

API keys can be created in the Profile page by clicking on the top right-hand corner of the tool.

Once on the Profile page, scroll-down to the API keys section and click on “Add API key”.

At this point your API key will be created and it will automatically be assigned the Super Admin role as permissions have not been enabled. 

To learn more about our permissions model please click on the button below. 

To revoke access to an API key, simply click on the button “Revoke access” next to it.

Scenario 2. Creating API keys when permissions are enabled 

The steps for creating an API key when permissions are enabled are the same as in Scenario 1, except now you will be able to assign a role to a new key, as well as a label.

Scenario 3. Creating API keys and enabling permissions afterwards

Any API keys that you have created prior to enabling permissions will have the Super Admin roles assigned and they will keep this role after enabling permissions.

Disabling permissions 

To disable permissions you will have to go to the Profile page, scroll-down and click on “Disable”:

NOTE: Disabling permissions will delete all previously created API keys.

For more information you can visit our API documentation which is available in SwaggerHub and you can access it by clicking on the button below.

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