In order to authorise Google to send emails on your behalf you will need to create an SPF record that includes the following:

v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com ~all

If you already have an SPF record in place you will just have to copy the include include:_spf.google.com and insert it to your current SPF record, however, it has to be put somewhere after the v=spf1 and before the ~all ending mechanism in your record.


You should only have one SPF record per domain / subdomain.

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In order to implement DKIM for your domain you will have to follow the steps below.

  1. Login as administrator and go to the Admin Console.

  2. Go to Apps --> G Suite

3. Click on the Gmail app.

4. Click on Authenticate email

5. For the key length you can choose between 1024 or 2048. The longer the key the better, however, some DNS providers do not support keys longer than 1024. They should be able to implement 2048 as well but there may be some additional work that needs to be carried out.

6. Select your prefix selector, you can leave the default of "google" or type in your own. This will be your DKIM selector.

7. Once the key is generated, you will need to take the information provided and put it in your DNS ie. create the TXT record.
It will look like the example below, except that you will have to replace the word "selector" below with the one that you created earlier.

NOTE: it may take up to 48 hours for the DNS changes to propagate.

Also, you can't add a custom DKIM selector for 24 hours.

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Create a free OnDMARC account to test your configuration. 

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