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Sendgrid SPF and DKIM set up
Sendgrid SPF and DKIM set up

Here is how to setup SPF and DKIM records for Sendgrid, link to external documentation is included.

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Domain authentication is a name that Sendgrid uses which means that you allow Sendgrid to send emails on your behalf and remove the “on behalf of” or “via” messages that appear in your emails to your customers and show your domain instead.

As part of the domain authentication process you will have to create a subdomain in Sendgrid and it will be used for your emails. You will have to choose a subdomain that you do not currently use.

To learn more about the domain authentication process and how to configure SPF and the CNAMES used by DKIM in your DNS please click on the button below.

Create a free OnDMARC account to test your configuration.

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