OnDMARC is the first product build the on the Red Sift platform. Red Sift is a London based cognitive cyber security platform founded in 2015.

It has achieved multiple certifications and won multiple awards:

Security accreditations

  • ISO 27001:2013 accredited

  • ISO 27001 - IS 672913.

  • Cyber Essentials (UK government and private sector initiative) certified

  • Members of CyberExchange and Global Cyber Alliance

  • UK HQ company with data centers in the UK and EU.

Recent awards

  • Expert Insights Award 2022 - Winner “Best-Of DMARC” Award

  • Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2022 – GOLD - 'Best Anti Phishing Solution’

  • Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2022 – GOLD - 'Best Email Security Solution'

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