If you encounter the message below it means that we have detected an antivirus program that is blocking our real-time connection which keeps OnDMARC up to date with our backend.

We use a modern browser technology called Server-Sent-Events (SSE) and most anti-viruses haven't updated their connection checks to handle SSEs. It is important to note that the antivirus doesn't see OnDMARC as a threat but merely blocks the real-time connection.

To ensure the best performance please whitelist this URL in your antivirus program:

There is no security risk in whitelisting our URL. Without whitelisting the URL OnDMARC will work as normal in most cases, so you can also ignore the message by clicking on the ‘X’, but we do recommend you add the URL for a smooth experience.

If you have any further questions you can reach us on the chat or you can contact us using the button below.

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