Activity Logs

What is shown in Activity Logs and how to use them.

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Activity Logs is the place for you to find out what was done, when it was done and by who. There are two types of logs that OnDMARC provides: Domain Logs & Management Logs. They are both found under Activity Logs

Domain Logs
Domain Logs
contain all events performed under your selected domain during your selected time period. Domain Logs only show the information that pertains to each domain that you select from the dropdown list as shown below.

Management Logs
Management Logs
contain all events regarding the setting of user and group permissions in the Profile tab and adding and removing domains to OnDMARC for a selected time period.

Colour codes
Different activities are presented using different colours as shown below.

Each activity is represented by a card which contains all the information regarding the activity such as the one shown below. Each card appears one below the other. The most recent activity is shown at the top.

You can filter the results you see by selecting or deselecting any of the activity colours that were shown previously and you can also filter the results by clicking on any of the information listed on a card (represented by numbers below).

  1. Event Name

  2. Event Detail

  3. Performed in

  4. Performed by (specific user)

  5. Performed by any user

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