Mailerlite provides two ways of authenticating your domain. They can either manage the authentication for you or allow you to manage it yourself. If you let Mailerlite authenticate your emails then your receivers would see Mailerlite as the sender of your emails. If you would like your receivers to see your domain only then you will have to choose the option to authenticate emails yourself. 

Configuring SPF and DKIM with Mailerlite for your custom domain is pretty easy. All you have to do is choose Authentication, insert your domain and press Show DNS record.

The necessary SPF and DKIM records will be generated and presented to you which you will then have to add to your DNS. For more information please click on the button below.

Once you have created SPF and DKIM but still showing as inactive in your account, please click on the button below for information on how to troubleshoot this.

Create a free OnDMARC account to test your configuration.

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