The Reports section of OnDMARC contains the following information:

  1. Domain - drop-down menu to select the domain that you want to view reports for.

  2. Time period - can be customised to show different time periods.

  3. Compliance - graph showing the results of DMARC validation of emails.

  4. Senders - contains all sources that send email on your domain's/subdomain's behalf 

  5. Receivers - contains information on the receivers of your emails.

  6. Locations - location of emails closest to the receivers

  7. Delivery - shows total delivery rate for the specified time period per domain or sender if you have gone into a particular sender and then select the Delivery tab.

Examples of each tab is shown below.

Domain and Time period:



This section contains information about the sources that send emails on your behalf.

To help you troubleshoot any DMARC validation failures for a given source please click on the row that contains the failures. You will be presented with information related to each protocol DMARC, SPF and DKIM on separate tabs, the reasons for the failures per protocol and the disposition of the emails.


If you would like to see the specific receivers for a given source you will have to select the source in question from the Senders list and then click on the Receivers tab as show below. 



This section shows the percentage of DMARC fails, DMARC policy overrides and ARC overrides and displays a percentage of each per day for the time period specified. Although DMARC validation might have failed (ie. SPF and DKIM have failed) a receiver might choose to override the DMARC policy specified and accept the message. This counts as DMARC override.
Another protocol that helps with indirect mail-flow that breaks SPF and DKIM is ARC. It can be used to override the results and any DMARC validation failures as well. For more information on ARC please see the below article. The point of this tab is to show the total delivery rate taking into account all overrides in order to reach 100%.

Learn more about OnDMARC forensic reports by clicking the button below.

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