In the rare circumstance of the OnDMARC application experiencing downtime please rest assured that your emails are not impacted at all. This is because all the DMARC, SPF, and DKIM configuration which authenticates your email is stored on your DNS, not our application. It is your DNS records which are responsible for communicating with receiving servers to authenticate your email.

Any downtime experienced by OnDMARC will only affect your ability to access the OnDMARC user interface, which whilst frustrating, does not impact your ongoing email security. 

So while we are not in the transaction path of your email, OnDMARC does have in place advanced monitoring mechanisms so in the event of a problem we are the first to know and remediate.  

If you’re interested in availability statistics, please contact the OnDMARC team to request updated results.

For customers using our Dynamic SPF please check out our Dynamic SPF Article that explains how we protect against any downtime for this feature.

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