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How and why we will contact you
How and why we will contact you

An explanation of how we will contact you and how we deal with your data.

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Your data privacy is very important to us and we believe that you should have a choice in what content you receive as well as the ability to easily opt out of any communication channels you do not want to be a part of. This is why we are asking you to update your preferences.

We will only ever send you emails that we feel are relevant for you and your data will never be shared with third party providers. This is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into place on the 25th of May 2018. 

What will we email you about? 

We will only ever email you about things we feel are relevant to you and that you have asked to receive. This will include:

-New products and early access programmes

-Product and service updates

-Interesting news

-Special offers

When will we email you?

The last thing we want to do is spam your inbox with tons of generic emails. We will only ever email you when we have something worthy of sharing with you. 

Can you change your preferences?

Absolutely! You can change your preferences and what you want to hear about at any time by going to your profile page and updating your settings. 

Can I unsubscribe to specific mail channels? 

Yes! You can unsubscribe from any of our non transactional emails (one-to-one emails). On each of our emails we will have a clear unsubscribe option that you can choose. 

How will my email address be used? 

Your email address will only ever be used by Redsift Limited (The creators of OnDMARC, Scrumbot and other products) to send you emails that you have asked to be included in and we will never sell or share your personal data to other organisations. 

Usage Analytics

We would like to collect anonymous usage analytics from you in order to improve your user experience on our products. This information will never be shared with other organisations and is in safe hands. We have been externally certified and received a ISO 27001 certification that demonstrates how seriously we take our customers data privacy. 

For our cybersecurity product users we also request that use your anonymous threat data so you can benefit from other organisations threat detection as well as share your own. 

Why do you need this data? 

We will use this data to improve your experience on our products to give you the best customer experience possible.

How is this data seen?

All your data will anonymised so we will not be able to identify a user from the data we receive. 

Can I opt out later? 

Yes! If you ever change your mind on what you want to share with us you can edit your settings in your user profile settings.

What is threat sharing data? 

Threat sharing data allows you to benefit from other organisations threat data. This is done by sharing anonymous data on sources that others have seen to be a threat to their organisation. By sharing your threat data you are not only allowing your organisation to benefit from threats other organizations have experienced but you are also contributing to a network of threat intelligence. 

Please also be sure to check out our terms of use and privacy policies. 

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