By default, CanIt-Domain-PRO does not apply DMARC policies. To make CanIt-Domain-PRO start applying DMARC policies for your domain, you need to click on Rules and then DMARC rules:

CanIt-Domain-PRO can apply four possible actions in response to DMARC policies. The actions are:

  • Ignore: no DMARC checking is done whatsoever.

  • Dry-Run: the DMARC policy is checked, but not enforced. The only thing CanIt-Domain-PRO does is to log the DMARC policy results in the list of tests that are hit.

  • Quarantine: if the DMARC policy specifies “reject” or “quarantine”, the message is quarantined (tagged in a tag-only stream.)

  • Enforce: the DMARC policy is enforced: If the DMARC policy specifies "reject", the message is rejected. If it specifies "quarantine", the message is quarantined (tagged in a tag-only stream.)

To set a DMARC action for a domain:

  1. Enter the domain name in the Domain box. If you use a single asterisk for the domain name, then that action applies to any domains that do not have a specific entry.

  2. Select the appropriate action in the Action column.

  3. Click Submit Changes.

In the example in the figure, we see that by default, CanIt-Domain-PRO will check the DMARC record in dry-run mode only. However, for the two domains and, CanIt-Domain-PRO will enforce the DMARC policy.

If an incident results in a "quarantine" DMARC policy, then it is annotated with the word "DMARC" with a red slash through it in the quarantine display, like this: 

This indicates a possibly forged message. Additionally, the "Hold Reason" is set to DMARC.

By default, only realm administrators have permission to make DMARC rules.

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