How to configure Dynamic SPF

Adding mechanisms to Dynamic SPF and converting your current SPF record to Dynamic SPF

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What is Dynamic SPF?

Questions about what exactly Dynamic SPF is and how it can help you and authenticating mail on your domain? Follow the button below.

Enabling Dynamic SPF

To enable Dynamic SPF you will need to go to the Dynamic Services section of the sidebar, select your domain from the drop-down and click on the green Configure button.

Adding Mechanisms to Dynamic SPF

Dynamic SPF supports all of the standard mechanisms found in SPF records; include, a, ip4, ip6 and mx. 

To add a mechanism simply click the green button at the bottom of each appropriate section.

Once you've clicked the Add New button: Type out the mechanism you want to add.
For Includes, remove the "include:" portion, for example:

Should be entered as below.

For adding IPv4 Addresses the process is the same.

Don't forget to remove the ip4 from the start!

For example, ip4: would be entered as:

Once the mechanism shows under the respective category it's added to your Dynamic SPF.

Converting an Existing SPF Record to Dynamic SPF

If you've already got an existing SPF record you wish to convert to Dynamic SPF, first enable Dynamic SPF. Once you've enabled Dynamic SPF:

Navigate to Actions where you will find this panel

From here OnDMARC will display all mechanisms currently present in your SPF record on your DNS. The Migrated column indicates whether the mechanism has been added to Dynamic SPF.

For all entries that you know authorise legitimate sending services currently displaying an ❌;

  1. Note the value under the Mechanism column. Copy the value under the Part column (Click the 📋symbol).

  2. Navigate to the Dynamic SPF panel.

  3. Locate the "Managed..." section, pertaining to the Mechanism you noted earlier.

  4. Click "Add New..." for that section.

  5. Paste the Part value you copied earlier.

  6. Click "+Add...".

Now that you've migrated your SPF record over to Dynamic SPF it's time to add your Smart Include.

Add the smart include to your SPF record, this means pasting it between "v=spf1" and "~all". Your record will look something like this:

"v=spf1 ~all"

Once all Sending Services are added and the Smart Include is present in your DNS: Dynamic SPF is up-and-running for your domain!

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