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Why email authentication is important
Why email authentication is important

Your brand is likely open to impersonation, and you don't know it

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Did you know that without proper email authentication, anyone can pretend to be you? This can have disastrous consequences for your customers and suppliers if they get tricked into doing something they think comes from you like re-routing a payment or inserting a malicious document that gets them access into their network.

BEC scammers made nearly $1.8 billion in 2019, according to the FBI's 2019 Internet Crime Report. That's up from around $1.3bn in 2018. Authenticating your email and enforcing DMARC should be a priority for any company, no matter the size.

The visibility of email authentication has been enhanced recently by the implementation of the BIMI protocol.

BIMI is a new protocol that allows you showcase your brand for your authenticated emails. BIMI uses DMARC to verify the legitimacy of an email, and display your logo on authenticated emails increasing security, trust and brand recognition.

Your marketing team will love BIMI as it increases your brand exposure and recognition while protecting your customers from malicious emails that target your brand.

Emails with your logo next to it stand out in the crowd and give you an extra visibility to drive engagement and conversion from customers.

To check if your emails are properly authenticated and BIMI ready, use our tester below!

Once you've tested your emails, sign up for an OnDMARC account and let's get you to full DMARC compliance and secure your brand

Once you are in DMARC compliance, OnDMARC can help you implement BIMI and start showcasing your brand logo in every email.

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