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BIMI Logo requirements
BIMI Logo requirements

Here is everything you need to know in terms of the logo requirements for BIMI.

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Structure of the file:

  • Must be in SVG format

  • Square aspect ratio

  • Have a solid background colour

  • Should not exceed 32kb

  • The “baseProfile” attribute set to “tiny-ps

  • The “version” attribute set to “1.2

  • A <title> element must be included that reflects the company name, though there are no strict requirements for the content of the element.

  • A <desc> (i.e. the “description”) element is not required, but this should be included to support accessibility.

The SVG file must not include any of the following in order to be valid under the tiny-ps format:

  • Any external links or references (other than to the specified XML namespaces)

  • Any scripts, animation, or other interactive elements

  • “x=” or “y=” attributes within the <svg> root element

For more information on how to create a BIMI compliant logo, follow the link below

If you have any additional questions or need help with implementing DMARC and be ready for BIMI, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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