1. Log into your FastHosts account. (https://www.fasthosts.co.uk/)

  2. Under the Domain menu click Manage Domains.

  3. Select the domain name from the list that you wish to add the DNS records to.

  4. Click into the Configure Advanced DNS link.

  5. A list of DNS records will be shown.

  6. Scroll Down the list and click on the blue icon "ADD TXT RECORD"

  7. Fill out the fields with the following info:

    a) Hostname: Enter the host name for the TXT record. For example, enter @ for an SPF record, or enter the value _dmarc for a DMARC record.

    b) Destination TXT Value: The value you are setting as the destination of the Host.

  8. When the information are entered, click Save.

    Create a free OnDMARC account

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