We are bringing all three of our current products (OnDMARC, OnINBOX, and OnDOMAIN) together to create a unified user platform. This means that you will get a single Red Sift identity which provides central access to all applications, eliminating the need for a separate login for each app.

You will now be greeted with the page below when signing up or signing in to any of our products.

Your login credentials will continue to work as before. You can now also use the buttons to log in with your Google or Microsoft credentials.

Important Note for SAML users: If you have SAML enabled, you will not be able to login via this screen or via the provider SSO options. You must continue to login via your IdP app.

Once signed into your account, you will see the product switcher on the right-hand side that will allow you to switch between Red Sift products by clicking on their respective icon.

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