Updates: May 20th, 2022

Highlights include a new welcome flow and improved implementation guidance in the Control Panel

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New releases

New welcome flow

We have redesigned the welcome flow that you see when adding a new domain. In three simple steps, we guide you through adding a domain, modifying your DNS entries, and selecting the best way for us to manage your information. Our goal is to make this process more intuitive and informative.


Improved guidance in the Domain Implementations dashboard

When you set up OnDMARC, the Domain Implementations dashboard inside the Control Panel will provide you with easily consumed insights and recommended actions to take to improve the security of each of your domains.

Of the four symbols, the Dynamic SPF shield lets you know whether you are close to the 10 SPF lookup limit, whether you have already exceeded it, or if all issues are resolved as you have correctly set up Dynamic SPF. We’ve now added color-coded symbols and improved the action messages so that you quickly know what steps you need to take.


Issues with MTA and TLS reporting

We have cleaned up a few issues surrounding MTA and TLS reporting, such as:

  • saving MTA configuration

  • grouping report data by policy type

  • alerting users when they attempt to remove an MX record

Problem setting up VAT for the UK and some EU countries

Some customers were having problems setting up credit card payments with VAT numbers from the United Kingdom and some EU countries. This has now been fixed.

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