Scenario: Applicable for MSP and MSSP.

A Customer (None MSP) has a OnDMARC account that he/she manages by himself/herself. She/He then decide to have it managed by an MSP instead.

How can the MSP migrate the Account to the CMC Console in order to manage OnDMARC on his Customer's behalf?

High Level Flow:

  1. The Customer invites MSP user to their OnDMARC account (sends the link in the email).

  2. MSP user accepts invitation (clicks link in the email).

  3. MSP user now has the OnDMARC account in their list of accounts where they click on the OnDMARC button.


  1. Login to the Customer Portal.

  2. Click on Profile (Circle top right hand corner).

  3. Click on the OnDMARC's tab ( At the top).

  4. Under Users, click +ADD.

  5. Enter the CMC user Email address, the Account Roles (Generally "Owner") and click "INVITE" to send the Invitation Email confirmation.

6. CMC user to accept the invite by clicking on the link.

7. MSP user to login to the CMC Portal.

8. Customer's OnDMARC Account gets listed as a new Instance.

9. CLick "OPEN" to login to OnDMARC.

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