OnDMARC makes sure you get your BIMI logo just right

Getting your logo right for BIMI is crucial. Besides the required attributes, it’s important that the logo has the correct size, the right background, and is properly centered. Space is at a premium in email clients, and optimizing the logo will go a long way in highlighting the customer’s brand.

With this release of OnDMARC, we are providing more information when the user creates a BIMI application and uploads a logo. As before, we test for its correctness, but we now present three new attributes: size, background, and centralization. Optimal logos will have their size within the two red rings, will not use a transparent background, and will be centered.

In the example below, the logo on the left is deemed too small. On the right, the size is correct so the guidance rings (seen around the logo on the left) don't show.

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