How to create a group in OnDMARC?

A group in OnDMARC is essentially a container of domains. You can create a group by first clicking on your Profile icon on the top right and selecting the OnDMARC product tab from the top of the page as shown below.

You can then scroll-down to the Groups section and click on Add. When creating a group, the Name field must be populated.

You can add your domains manually by clicking on the Add button, or you can use the Upload option to upload a CSV file that contains your domains.

If you choose the upload a CSV file with your domains, the columns that must exist are Type and Value as shown below. The type will always be domain and the value column will contain your domains.

Once done you can click on Save.

Assigning the group to a user or users.

Now that your group is created, the next step would be to assign a user or users as admins or readers of this group. You can navigate up on the same page to your Users list and assign a group role to each person.

For further information or help in creating groups please contact our team using the Live Chat or via email sent to: [email protected]

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