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See lookalike domains uncovered by OnDOMAIN in OnDMARC

Based on your previously added domains, OnDMARC will now present a list of lookalike domains as a way of alerting you about their potential risk. These insights are powered by OnDOMAIN, the latest product on the Red Sift Platform that discovers and takes down lookalike domains before they can be weaponized.

In the panel below the Domain Implementation badges, we'll list up to three lookalikes and a “Learn More” button.

“Learn more” gives you more details about OnDOMAIN and what it uncovers, a description of what has been found, and allows you to launch OnDOMAIN.


  • Added tags to the settings page

  • Tweaked the “Email Sources” to improve usability for large accounts (with lots of email sources)

  • Corrected the badges for customers that have Dynamic Services set up but have no SPF Record

  • Renamed “Reports” on the left menu to “DMARC Reports”

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