New releases

New and improved functionality added to Control Panel

OnDMARC’s improved Control Panel provides you with a single pane of glass view of your domain estate, making its management simpler and more intuitive. It also provides you with easily consumed insights and recommended actions to take to improve the security of each of your domains.

With this update, new features have been added to improve the overall user experience, such as:

  • Horizontal scrolling

  • Infinite vertical scrolling (no pagination)

  • Pinning of columns left and right

  • Density aspect (compact, comfortable, standard)

  • Filtering, column ordering, and pinning settings are saved in the browser

  • More information is displayed in the table such as MTA-STS status, Configuration, Classification, Assets, and more


  • Added a “Refresh All” button to Dynamic Services. This allows users to easily update the Dynamic Services information after changing their DNS information

  • Added a “Download” button to download all DKIM keys from the “Dynamic DKIM” tab. This is very useful for customers with lots of keys. The file is a CSV file that is easily exportable to Excel

  • Outdated DKIM algorithms marked as "warning" in Public Investigate

  • Ability to set a new credit card as default and remove the old one

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