Updates: August 26th, 2022

Highlights include auto parking of non-sending domains, improvements to Public Investigate, and smart recommendations for Office 365 users

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New releases

Auto parking of non-sending domains

With this update, a scheduled command (or cron job) will run once every 24 hours to identify sending and non-sending domains. This means you can easily see which domains are not being used for legitimate traffic at a glance.

Non-sending domains will be labelled “ONDMARC-AUTO-PARKED”.


Use of Public Investigate increased from 1 to 5 per email address

Red Sift’s Public Investigate tool allows you to check if your email security protocols (such as DMARC, DKIM, SPF, and BIMI) are correctly set up. You can now use the tool up to 5 times using the same email address allowing you to monitor changes you make to your email infrastructure over time.

Highlight recommendation for O365 users when going to “p=reject”

By default, Microsoft Office 365 will not reject any emails that fail DMARC even if the sender’s DMARC policy is set to reject. So, if you are a Microsoft Office 365 user, you will need to configure Microsoft Office to honour the DMARC policy for inbound emails.

OnDMARC will now provide a prompt reminding you to do this as and when you are ready to progress to p=reject.

Extra metadata added in BIMI card view

When viewing BIMI specific cards in Public Investigate, the BIMI checker, or inside OnDMARC itself, we now show you the VMC trademark authority.

New reset button for Control Panel

We’ve added a reset button to the Control Panel to reset column visibility, density, and filtering all at once. This means you can easily reset the default view without having to apply remove the filters one by one.


  • Correct alignment of new columns in the Control Panel

  • Fixed error when handling timeouts

  • Wildcard DNS response no longer causing issue with OnDMARC

  • Very long domain names now wrap in the “Details Panel”

  • DMARC, SPF, and MX record columns and internationalised domains and root domains re-added to Managed Domains csv download

  • VAT numbers are now saved and shown

  • “Density” is now one of the new Managed Domains attributes saved between sessions in Control Panel

  • If the IP cannot be resolved to a country in a Forensics report, we now show a white flag, representing “country not found”

  • Spelling correction around DKIM tab

  • DKIM now wraps in drill-down report

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