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How to view your pending invitations
How to view your pending invitations

If you use our provider sign in or SAML options, you can now view your invites if your UPN is not your email address.

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Note: This only applies to customers using 'Sign in with Google', 'Sign in with Microsoft' or using SAML.

If your UPN/login ID is not a routable email address, you may have found that you cannot accept invites to access instances of our products as you will not get the email invite. With that in mind, we have developed a new Pending invitations screen, where you will see any pending invites for your UPN.

Keep in mind: Instance owners will still need to add your UPN/login ID as the user to invite. For example: if your email is [email protected] but your UPN is actually [email protected], they need to invite [email protected]

Viewing pending invites

Login using either the provider login buttons or through your IdP portal, as instructed by your admin. Once logged in, click on the profile icon on the top right corner.

Once in your profile, click on View Pending Invitations, below the Security section.

A new screen will show you the pending invitations, where you can accept them and be granted access to that instance.

Lastly, just head back to the app switcher, and launch the app you just got invited to.

If a new trial is spun up instead of launching the instance you were invited to, the invite was not accepted successfully. Please have the Owner remove the invite and re-add it. Then repeat the process. To have the new trial removed, contact our team.

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