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Organisation Manager for MSSP/MSP
Organisation Manager for MSSP/MSP
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Organization Manager offers a way for MSSPs to administer and manage user access to instances.

When an organization is created for a user, a “View your Organizations” button will appear on the profile page when logged in.

Clicking on this will lead to the new organizations page;

The organisations page is split up into 3 sections:

  • Organization Users

    • This lists the active users in the organisation, and shows what access to instances.

  • Organization Instances

    • This shows the instances that have been added to the organisation.

  • Organization Invitations

    • This shows the list of pending user invitations to the organisation.

How to: Invite a user:

Type the email address of the user that should be invited to the organization into the email input box and click “Invite User”. This will send an email with a link to accept the invitation. Once accepted, the user will be removed from the invitation list and added to the organization user list.

How to: Add instances:

In the Organization Instances section, clicking the Add Instances button will bring up a side panel with all the instances the user currently is an owner of. Instances can be added by selecting them and clicking the “Add Instances” button.

How to: Give user access to instances:

Select User to give access to.

Select instances on the organization instance list.

Clicking “Apply Instances to user” will give access to the selected instances to the selected user.

Additional Notes/Constraints:

Removing an Instance from the organization: will not remove any of the users access to the instance - removing user access from the instance should be done at the instance level.

Removing a user from organization: will not remove the user from any of the organization instances, this should be done at the instance level.

Please contact [email protected] if you want this feature to be enabled on your account.

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