New features

New IP Reputation card in Investigate

Investigate is an OnDMARC feature that helps you detect and troubleshoot any potential issues with your email authentication from any of your email-sending services. It analyzes SPF, DKIM, DMARC, TLS, FCrDNS, MTA-STS, and more, as well as any URLs contained in the email. The results will be presented to you in a card format, each corresponding to one of the signals outlined above.

The latest card added to Investigate is for IP Address Reputation. This is powered by Validity, a service that provides an IP reputation index and blocklist information.

New API documentation

We have improved the quality and coverage of our API documentation (besides upgrading to OpenAPI 3.0). All endpoints are documented, with working examples.


New “Delete Dynamic Service” button

To provide a cleaner UI, we moved the “Delete Dynamic Service” button to a more harmonious position and changed the warning message.

New “Domain Analyzer”

We have revamped our “Analyzer” feature. It now shows better and more detailed expanded information. Users can choose from the “Simple” (legacy) view or the more “Advanced”. The Advanced view uses the same card layout as Investigate.

As part of the revamp we are also clearly indicating when a subdomain “inherits” its DMARC record from a parent.

Legacy view

Advanced view

Similar changes on the Control Panel

The Control Panel now also includes information if the subdomain is inheriting the DMARC record from its parent domain.

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