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DNSSEC and OnINBOX compatibility cards added to Investigate

In our last updates, we announced that a new IP address reputation card had been added to Investigate, OnDMARC's feature that helps you detect and troubleshoot any potential issues with your email authentication from any of your email-sending services.

With this update, we've launched an additional two new cards:

  1. A DNSSEC status card that shows whether the domain is protected by DNSSEC.

  2. An OnINBOX compatibility card that reveals whether your domain is compatible with our inbound threat detection application, OnINBOX.

Saved views from Managed Domains

You can now save filtered data as a custom view on the Managed Domains page. The view is saved under a user-selected name and can be viewed in any browser you access OnDMARC in.

Example 1 - List of saved views

Example 2 - View after selecting “dmarc warning”

Billing information downloadable as PDF report

Billing information for a given account can now be downloaded as a PDF report.

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