New features

Managed Domains: Better filtering

To aid with speedier filtering and management of your domains, it is now possible to filter by “inherited” status or by “reporting to OnDMARC”.

Actions: Making it easier to add mechanisms to Dynamic Services

When “Actions” detect that there are mechanisms to be added to the Dynamic Services setting, you can now do that with a single click. No need to cut and paste each one.

BIMI: Supporting new jurisdictions for trademark offices

In partnership with our partner Entrust, we have extended coverage to add five new jurisdictions for trademark offices: Denmark, France, New Zealand, Sweden, and Switzerland.


DMARC Report: Better page navigation

We added first and last page buttons to make it easier to jump around the reports

Email Sources: Improved automatic DNS inspection

To help identify sources, we are inspecting the DNS and simplifying the process of adding sources as assets.

Forensics: Splitting multiple DKIM signatures into different cells

To improve the readability of the Forensics report, we are splitting DKIM signatures.

Domain Analyzer: Improved handling of SPF

We are detecting improperly terminated SPF records and warning the user.

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