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How to find and identify the DKIM records in your DNS?
How to find and identify the DKIM records in your DNS?

This article demonstrates an easy way to find DKIM records from your DNS.

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If you have many different types of records in your DNS (A, MX, TXT, CNAME, NS), it can be difficult to find only the DKIM relates ones among them. Although this task may not sound like something that you would need to do, it can be useful to know how to distinguish and find only DKIM related records from your DNS. This can be especially useful for our customers who are looking to migrate them over to our Dynamic DKIM feature.

As part of the migration process to Dynamic DKIM, you would first need to export all of your current DKIM records from your DNS and add them to Dynamic DKIM.

Here is an easy way to find only DKIM related records among all the others that may exist in your DNS.

A DKIM record will will either be a TXT or a CNAME record, and always have the following string as part of the Host / Name of the DNS record: "_domainkey" (without the quotes).

Here is an example of a DKIM record, of type CNAME:

Host: selector1._domainkey



A record that doesn't contain "_domainkey" as part of its name if not a DKIM related record, and you won't have to migrate it.

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