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OnDMARC cannot fetch my BIMI logo or certificate
OnDMARC cannot fetch my BIMI logo or certificate

Find out what you can do if your BIMI logo or certificate are behind anti-bot protections

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If when using our Investigate or Analyzer tools, you see the following error:

Your certificate appears to be behind an anti-bot protection system.

It is likely that the server hosting the image or the certificate has some anti-bot protection or firewall rules enabled that prevent us from fetching the image or the certificate. It is also likely that mailbox providers will have issues fetching it as well, and thus will not display the logo.

You should make sure that the paths where the image or the certificate are stored are fully accessible via automated means.

How do you know if your image or the certificate is behind anti-bot protection?

If you visit the URL and you are presented with a CAPTCHA or similar anti-bot measures, and the image is not displayed in the browser immediately, without interstitial pages.

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