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Does DMARC block all types of phishing attacks?
Does DMARC block all types of phishing attacks?

Types of phishing attack

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DMARC is only designed to protect against the most sophisticated type of phishing attack that uses your exact domain to send emails that impersonate you or someone in your organisation. This is also known as spoofing. 

DMARC does not protect against phishing from lookalike domains such as if you own and implement DMARC on that domain, attackers can still use or if they are not DMARC protected. We advise that it is best practice to buy lookalike domains and park them.

Parking a domain refers to protecting a domain that does not send emails by implementing DMARC on that domain. This stops attackers from being able to use that domain in attacks. OnDMARC can help you with this if you contact the team.

To learn more about parked domains and how they can be protected please click on the button below.

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