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User permissions on our new unified user platform
User permissions on our new unified user platform

How the new user interface will affect your users and permissions

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What's changed?

Red Sift has now unified all products under one login, and a user can now belong to multiple instances of a product. This is especially useful for MSPs or consultants. This new user platform has come with several changes to the users and permissions models. Please read more below about how this will affect you.

Existing accounts

For existing account owners who have other users invited or permissions added there will be no change. All existing permissions, groups, and users will carry over to the new platform.

For a refresher on what permissions do, check this article:

Now, on to the changes.

The new UI

Please see below the new view of the permissions.

A major change is that accounts can have more than a single owner. These can be assigned by any existing owner. An owner is a super admin that can add/remove other owners.

Inviting new users

For a more in-depth guide, check out the link below:

To add new users to this new UI, you simply click ADD and then insert their email into the field, select their permissions and click INVITE.

Creating User Groups

You can create a group of users by clicking ADD.

Resources is the category under which you can add the domains that that user can see or control. Upload will allow you to add these in bulk.

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