With the launch of our unified platform, your users can now access multiple accounts at the same time. Follow these instructions to give them access:

Note: If you use SAML, skip to 1.a

  1. Ask the user to create a new account using one of the following links, depending on the region that you signed up in. The user can choose between using their Microsoft or Google credentials or with a username and password.
    UK (default): https://iam.redsift.cloud/signup
    EU: https://iam.eu.redsift.cloud/signup
    US: https://iam.us.redsift.cloud/signup

    1. If you use SAML, they will not be able to signup nor login via our UI. Instead have the user open the IdP app you have setup, so that an account can be provisioned for them.

  2. Once the user has created an account and is in the main app launcher, have them hold tight.

    DO NOT click on the Start OnDMARC or Start OnDOMAIN buttons, as that will provision them with a fresh trial.

    In your account, click on the grey profile icon on the top right, and then select the app you want to add the user to from the top navigation bar.

  3. To add new users to this new UI, you simply click ADD and then insert their email into the field, select their permissions and click INVITE.

    Important note: If you use SAML or use Sign in with Microsoft, you must add the UPN in the email field, even if it is not a routable address, as we use the UPN as the email attribute. The user will then be able to accept the invitation following this guide.

  4. Once you've selected a permission level and saved the user, they will get an invite. Once they accept the invite they should see the account on the OnDMARC icon.

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