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Understanding the BIMI logo analyzer
Understanding the BIMI logo analyzer

Learn how to use and understand our new BIMI logo analyzer when submitting an application

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Our logo analyzer is a component that allows users to upload their companies logos and check if they comply with the BIMI spec requirements specified by SVG Tiny 1.2 specs. It also provides some recommendations to ensure the best UX.

BIMI logo requirements.

This is a set of requirements that are mandatory, these are covered in other KB articles:

BIMI logo recommendations

Solid background color

It is important that the logo has a solid background color because we cannot ensure that every background will be white. If a logo is designed with a white background, and the interface where it is presented has a dark background, this can make the logo hard to read.

This is the Red Sift logo with the proper white background

and this is the same logo with a darker background

Correct logo radius

The logo will be presented inside a circle, so its dimensions should be small enough to fit in, but big enough to be properly shown.

To help with this, the tool will show two red dotted circles to indicate the recommended size.

The radius might be too small

or too big

If the logo has the correct radius, the circles will not be shown.

Correct logo position

The logo should be as centered as possible.

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